Board Certification

Family Medicine


The practice of medicine is not a one size fits all. Depending on lifestyle, genetic predisposition, social implications, current snapshot of how a person’s body is functioning and potential level of stress or inflammation, what is recommended should look different, even if their bloodwork looks identical. We have so many tools now as physicians from conventional medicine practices to types of body work (OMT, acupuncture, physical therapy etc.), functional, integrative or precision medicine practices. Whatever they are labeled, they all play a useful role in how we can approach optimizing or treating a person. I strive to pull together useful pieces from all types of what we have available to us to treat people. My goal is to give my patients the most up to date information and treatment plans to hone in on what we together believe will work well to treat or optimize, starting from where they are.

In my life, I have my own rituals and practices based on my own health background. I believe it’s important to stay in tune with yourself and what brings your nourishment. I love cooking with well-sourced, locally grown ingredients, practice various art forms including charcoal sketching and poetry, spend as much time outside as I can and playing with my children, and cannot say no to an adventure from fly fishing to pack trips. I believe my level of activity and my state of joy and self-care, and whatever else I find nourishing, help dictate what I am telling my body about how well I am, so I try to practice things that circle back to a state of health in my body.

My background and experience include a stent of hospitalist medicine after residency, which served to give me a bird’s eye view of whereas a provider I felt I could have a greater contribution. I transitioned to an integrative medicine practice, where I had the opportunity to work with physicians from whom I could learn some aspects of genetic based medicine and supplement-based medicine as well as some herbal therapy. I am continuing to learn on a daily basis and have studied many topics from psychedelic assisted psychotherapy to restorative medicine. I am very excited to pull in what I have learned and have practiced over the years to partner with patients to discover the best road to their health and longevity.