Demystifying Allergies: Understanding the Causes and Symptoms


Hill Family Medicine is your source in Austin, TX, for comprehensive healthcare assessment, shorter wait times, and treatment for a variety of conditions. It’s not uncommon for patients experiencing allergies to visit our facility where our team can provide insightful allergy treatment guidance.

The most sensitive and specific test to find out what exactly you’re allergic to is the IgE protein allergy skin test. Many medical providers use the alternate IgG protein allergy blood test. Our IgE allergy skin tests 60 different allergens, provides accurate information regarding your unique immune system, and provides us with data we need to formulate your individualized sublingual allergy drops, which will make you immune to pollen. 

The IgG allergy tests offered by less knowledgeable providers can test hundreds of different foods but leave patients scratching their heads and wondering if the test was a true positive allergy, or if it just signifies that your body was merely exposed to a certain food in the past. The IgE test is superior by far.

If you are sensitive to pollen, mold, or dust mites, or are feeling symptoms of other allergies regularly, let Hill Family Medicine help. Contact us today to get the medically-assisted treatment you need to avoid feeling sick!


What Are Allergies?

Allergies can be mysterious, but the root cause lies in your body’s immune response to perceived threats. When your immune system identifies an allergen as harmful, it triggers the production of antibodies. This means when your body encounters the allergen again, these antibodies attack it, releasing substances like histamine that result in what we call allergy symptoms.


What Causes Allergies?

Your immune system constantly acts as a vigilant guard against foreign invaders; however, allergies arise from a miscommunication within this defense system. When harmless substances are mistakenly identified as threats, the immune system goes into overdrive, leading to unwanted symptoms that can make you feel like you’re sick.

Allergy rash.

Common Allergy Symptoms 

The symptoms patients experience can vary depending on the type of allergen their bodies come into contact with. You may be searching for comprehensive allergy treatment options if you experience any of the following:

  • Symptoms from inhaled allergens: watery eyes, nasal congestion, itching, and sneezing
  • Symptoms from ingested allergens: rashes, hives, respiratory distress, facial swelling, gastrointestinal issues, itching


Choose Sustainable Allergy Symptom Control

Understanding the intricate interplay between allergens and your immune system is crucial before diving into allergy relief strategies. But while seasonal reactions may be unavoidable, Hill Family Medicine can give you the insightful allergy treatment guidance you need. For milder symptoms, we can provide you with advice on which combination of allergy medications (prescription or OTC) would work best. For moderate to severe symptoms, we can formulate sublingual allergy drops.  Let us help you live a better life!


Immunotherapy: Allergy Drops Vs Allergy Injections?

Choosing to treat your allergies with sublingual drops versus injections is a personal one. They are equally effective when taken as directed. The drops may be more effective due to patients often dropping out of injection therapy due to logistics: the drops can be self administered daily at home, while the injections are performed weekly in a clinic. There is no loss of time or resources doing the drops at home, and the risk of a severe allergic reaction is virtually nil- unlike the injections which do carry a higher risk of anaphylaxis and thus require you to be monitored in the clinic after each administration. 

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