Board Certification

  • Therapist


Carol Gilson, LCSW-S, has a Master’s of Science in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin, with a focus on trauma and its impact on the brain and DNA expression. She uses relevant psychotherapeutic approaches and research including; Integral Psychology, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems, Jungian psychology, psychoanalysis, mindfulness and self-compassion practices and is a level 3 Reiki Master/ Lightworker; all of which inform a sophisticated approach that is grounded in repairing and strengthening attachment while helping clients to weave the personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal aspects of their lives.

Carol is currently being certified through the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) to participate in the MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy program. She has assisted in over 3,000 Ketamine Assisted Therapy sessions in a medical setting. Her personal experience with expanded states of consciousness is quite vast: it includes over 25 years experience meditating, where she received Shacktipat from both Buddhist monks and Sufi masters, and is deeply involved in the practice of non-ordinary states of consciousness. Carol has also experienced Holotropic Breathwork led by Stan Grolf, and participated in many kambo, ecstatic dance, and shamanic drumming ceremonies. In her medicine assisted inner explorations, Carol has worked with teachers, mentors, shamans, facilitators, and guides; she identifies as a psychonaut and has had the honor of using many sacred plant medicines and synthetic psychedelic compounds. 

Carol brings her whole self to each client session through the use of evidence based psychotherapeutic approaches and her personal experience traversing altered states, she is skilled at creating a safe space for clients to navigate their inner landscape, and bring the insights gained into their daily lives.